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Silence, India

Silence is a registered society of 25 years working for the social and economic rehabilitation of the deaf and the physically challenged.

We provide vocational training in computer data entry, computer hardware maintenance and in art and craft. The courses are recognised by reputed universities in the city of Kolkata and by the Technical Education Dept of the State Govt. The successful candidates are gainfully rehabilitated to our own workshop or to different companies outside Silence. Some of them also set up on their own to become self-sufficient, in these cases, Silence gives initial technical assistance.

These producers are earning an average of Rs.3500.00 per month - which is considered a fairly good living wage in Kolkata.

Besides a regular wage, the producers are covered by Providend Fund facility (Old Age benefit and pension benefit), ESI (Medical coverage for their family including their parents), Personal Accident Insurance Coverage (because these producers are more prone to accident), and Festival Exgratia is given during the festival period. Silence producers are also offered a free lunch. And, at the end of the financial year, a part of the profit is shared with them in the ratio 80 : 20 (80% to the producers).

Our organisation is registered under PWD (Persons With Disability) Act of the govt. and is well recognised by the govt. In the last 4 years, we have won 2 National awards (one from the President of India) and 3 state awards as the Best Organisation Working for the Physically Challenged.

candle making at Silence, Kolkata
candle making at Silence

We are also a member of WFTO (International Federation for Alternative Trade), AFTF (Asia Fair Trade Forum) and the founder member of FTF-I (Fair Trade Forum -India). One of our physically challenged members is also representing the Executive Committee of the FTF-I.

Our products are sold all over the world through the global fair trade network. We are also opening to the wider commercial market slowly. Our domestic buyers are also happy with the high quality of our products.

At present we have our 4 storied workshop, one Fair Trade shop and a prominent market place in Kolkata, The Training Institute for the physically challenged and the Head Office.

We have directly employed more than 115 physically challenged producers and indirectly support more than 550 physically challenged persons.

You can find more about us in our website www.silence-india.com

Chanchal, Silence