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Greater Goods, UK / India

The Mother's Fragrances Incense is made by a company called MCC in Pondicherry, India. Set up over 25 years ago, it aims to provide good and stable employment to local people. Currently, MCC employs 370 people, most of whom are young women.

The company works on the basis of the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. In short, they tell us to do good and aim for the highest standards in both action and thoughts whenever we can.

The employees of MCC usually start working for the company at the age of 16 and will stay for 6 to 8 years. The girls earn more than the minimum wage (and far more than the industry's average), they can also take part in a savings scheme and a bicycle scheme.

Their earnings are usually a substantial part of their family's income, and in a society where girls are seen as a burden to their family, this greatly improves their position in the household. It reflects in the nice clothes and jewellery they wear and in the fact that they generally marry much later than is usual.

The bicycle scheme was set up to provide means of transport for the girls who live at some distance from the units. A bicycle is a bit of a status symbol and owning one gives

incense rolling at MCC, Pondicherry, India
incense rolling at MCC, Pondicherry

a young woman great freedom and
independence. The savings scheme allows the girls to save 10% of their income, which is then doubled by the company. When a girl leaves work, usually to get married, her savings scheme will amount to a substantial sum of money.

Greater Goods helps MCC with product development, marketing and financing. For the future, we hope to extend our range beyond incense products. We are developing a range of terracotta products and will soon start marketing paper products, so that MCC can grow in more directions and give stable employment and a good income to more people!

Christine Brittijn, Greater Goods

outside MCC, Pondicherry, with the customary neat rows of bikes
outside MCC, Pondicherry, with the customary neat rows of bikes -
a successful MCC initiative for the female workers