Leaf plates

Disposable plates made from sal and siali leaves, from the forests of Orissa, east India. Marketed through ORUPA and SASHA. Making party green!
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  sal leaf box
sal leaf plate

extra large plate
packet of 20 £5.99 £4.99


extra large plates are traditionally used for curries at weddings and festivals in India. Given they are made of leaves and are hand made, some will be thicker than others. If one plate feels too thin, you can double it with another. This is not usually the case - most plates will be up to the job on their own.


small bowl -10 x 3.5cm
packet of 75 9.99


perfect for dips and desserts



suitable for hot and cold fatty foods

Please note that that we can only send these plates to the UK and Europe.

There will be extra postage to Ireland and Europe.