Vintage silk bunting 5m long £24.99

this is our new favourite product, made from vintage silk sarees, from those talented people at Calcutta Rescue. Each string is 5m long and has about 16 flags of 23 x 21cm. The picture below is only a part of one string. Each is unique, in a riot of colour.
Tread lightly in your celebrations with this bit of retro-eco-chic!


silk bunting
1 x 5m string £24.99


special offer: 5 for the price of 4 £100


fish sack bunting 5m long £14.99

Fab new bunting - the upcycled fish sacks edition! By Coral Seed.
Each is unique, in a riot of colour. 5 metres long with about 18 flags of 12 x 17cm
Perfect for garden parties!

random colours buy
jubilee bunting
red white and blue edition buy