Upcycled gift boxes 11 x 10cm £8.99
These beautiful boxes are made from upcycled plastic bottles, which are then decorated with a wide range of patterns and a matching little pull-knob. They are very tactile and they open and close in a very pleasing way. They make great gifts and gift boxes for anything from sweets to soaps to jewellery, or on their own, just because. Straight from a project in South Africa that gives stable work to disadvantaged township women; allowing them to make a better life for themselves and their families.


Upcycled gift box red flower bird Upcycled gift box peacock
red flower bird peacock
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Upcycled gift box butterfly Upcycled gift box hummingbird
butterfly hummingbird
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Upcycled gift box rose Upcycled gift box dragonfly
rose dragonfly
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